Thursday, December 06, 2007


This post was written on my Blackberry on Monday night. I then got Spanish flu, whooping cough, and possibly the grippe and was knocked out Tuesday and Wednesday and did not post. So, anyway, here's what I was thinking Monday night . . .

This weekend looked like it would be a good weekend. L's sister M was coming to town and I had some fun stuff I needed to do around the villa. Or so I thought.

First, the bronchial, snotty, plegmy illness U has been spreading around the house for a week finally caught me. I was almost feeling cocky about not having caught it. So much for that. As luck would have it, I had a brief I needed to finish and file, so I infected my office today. Good stuff.

Then the Bears proved that they are just an atom's width worse than the Giants by losing the Too-High-Draft-Pick-at-Quarterback Bowl. Eli Manning sucks. So does Rex Grossman. So do the Bears. Just an abomination.

Third, we have the BCS. I am happy to have the Illini in the Rose Bowl. They will have to play out of their minds to compete with USC, let alone win. Still, I said that about the Ohio State game too. However, I can't believe how Mizzou got jobbed. They were the number 1 team in the country five days ago. Now Kansas, who they thrashed is in a BCS bowl and they are not? What kind of chittlins is that? I don't think Mizzou was that good a team, but come on.

Finally, it is winter here now. We had an ice storm. It is chilly. December 3 and I can't wear a medium weight jacket. My hat has already made an appearance. Damn.


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