Friday, October 26, 2007


Boondocks is back with a new season. I am generally in bed too early now to get to watch them, but some kind people have strung the episodes together on youtube. Season two rocks so far. Episode one has the really great trailer for Soul Plane Two: The Blackjacking.
Huey: "I don't ever want to go to the movies with you again. Not after what happened last time."
Grandpa: "What happened last time?"
Huey: "We got arrested. And shot at!"
Grandpa: "Ah, racism."
Now, that's good stuff. However, it gets followed up with this gem from Grandpa, "Stereotype? In Soul Plane? That's nonsense."

If you've never seen Soul Plane, shame on you, and check this out.

In episode two Tom and Sarah are set to break up because Tom thinks that Usher is moving in on Sarah. Funniest lines in episode two are:

Riley: "I don't know the non-curse way to say he got 'bitched.'"
Huey: "Humiliated, castrated, emasculated . . ."

Episode three has a white character for whom Samuel L. Jackson does the voice. He even talks like the character Jackson played in Pulp Fiction. Anyway, the entire episode is on the Stop Snitchin' theme. Says Grandpa to Riley, "I'm gonna take me a nap, drink me a Red Bull, wake up, and beat you 'til you talk." How's that for gettin' the snitch?


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