Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, the Cubs clinched the N.L. Central, and are off to the playoffs. They start a best-of-five game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday. Will they win? Maybe. I am not really sure. A best-of-five series can go either way, and the Diamondbacks are as flawed (if not more) than the Cubs. We'll see. The Cardinals won a World Series with 83 wins last year, so we'll see. The next team to win 13 games will be the World Series winners. Why not us?

Anyway, it is good to know that U can start the roller coaster ride of Cub fandom before he has teeth. It lasts a lifetime, and in his case, he is starting nice and early. As you can see, he is stunned that they went from Dusty's 2006 collection of dogs to a playoff team after only increasing payroll by about $30 million.

By the way, the Tribune did this half-assed "99 Things Every Cub Fan Should Know." Yes, they should.


Blogger ellen jo said...

Cute lil' boy!
Yeah, the Cubs blew it, but perhaps we longtime fans are closet masochists who actually enjoy this melancholy feeling.
Endless grief for us Chicago natives living in Arizona (there are many of us, and often times Chase field is half full of them).
Those Diamonbacks fans are just lazy. They don't even bother pronouncing the full name of their team anymore-- it's just D-Backs. Their stadium is usually half empty, and they have to be told when/where/how to cheer by the animation on the giant electric scoreboard. Boo hiss. They say things like "if you like the Cubs so much why don't you move back to Chicago!" and other dumb things. They apparently do not understand what it means to be a real fan. A true fan is a fan in April, June, and September, whether the team is in the running or not, whether they are 1 miles away or 1,000.
Cubs 4 EVER!

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