Thursday, September 27, 2007


WTBS will be broadcasting the first round of baseball's playoffs in a few weeks. This means that TBS has to staff the telecasts with announcers. TBS also broadcasts Atlanta Braves games. One of their usual announcers had been Skip Caray. Now Caray is angry because he has not been hired to announce the playoffs, saying ""It hurt my feelings, and I'm mad at myself for thinking there was any loyalty left in this business . . . I should have known better."

He's kidding, right? Skip Caray may be the worst baseball announcer this side of Joe Morgan, with special emphasis to these sorts of exchanges. I know that some people (like the wikipedia author) think Skip is "witty and sarcastic," but watch this and tell me if it was not just painful. I mean, I love baseball, but it is not a game that moves very quickly. Having Skip Caray drone on is like having someone punch you in the head while watching a game.

By the way, it is hard to believe that Skip Caray is Harry Caray's son. That apple fell from the tree, rolled away, and grew into a different species. We won't even mention Dip, the grandson.


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