Tuesday, October 09, 2007


As some of you may know, this Monday was Columbus Day, or as they call it in Canada, "Thanksgiving." It was quite a weekend.

First, screw Wisconsin. Yeah, I said it. Sure, the Cubs crapped out against the Diamondbacks, but before they did that, they pushed the Milwaukee Brewers out of the playoffs. Then on Saturday, the Illini snapped the Wisconsin Badgers' 14-game win streak and beat the 5th ranked Badgers in Champaign. That was beautiful, since the Illini had been suffering a rough decade until this year. On Sunday, the Beloveds ensured that even with the Cub loss it would be a good weekend when they beat the so-called Packers in Green Bay. HA! Screw you, Wisconsin!

Second, the Chicago Marathon was a big mess. It was 88 degrees (!) and humid. A bunch of people ended up in the hospital. One guy died, although the heat was supposedly not an issue in his death. The media here are split. The Sun-Times is demanding an apology from organizers, while at least one Tribune columnist says the runners were stupid. I am not sure. I do know that if running 26.2 miles in 88 degree temperatures seems like a good idea to you, you are a different kind of cat than I. Hell, I put off mowing the lawn this weekend.

Third, I just have to mention this. There was a plane crash in Washington state. It appears that most or all of the passengers died. That is too bad. That being said, the passengers were a group of skydivers returning from a skydiving event in Idaho. And they died in a plane crash. Now that's irony.


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