Thursday, December 13, 2007


Did anyone else see the Republican debate in Iowa last night? I only heard about ten minutes of it on my way home (with a Christmas tree white trashed on the roof of the ride). However, it is clear to me that the Republican field this year is like granola. Full of fruits and nuts.

First, Alan Keyes is running again? Alan Keyes is completely insane. The reason Keyes is being ignored is that he is speaking for the little man. And the fundamental issue in America is that we cannot remain free if God is pushed out of the classroom. Wowsa.

Next, Ron Paul clearly sees an entirely different universe than any other person running for President. In a nutshell, pull the troops home. From everywhere. From Europe. From Japan. From Korea. Everywhere. Get rid of as much Federal government as possible. Encourage home schooling. All action by the government is to preserve liberty.

Third, we have NAFTA. "What specific changes should be made to NAFTA?" **
Guiliani: "It should be enforced." What? What the hell does that mean? Then he starts talking about India and China, neither of which is yet in North America. Oh boy. I guess the world west of Manhattan really is a blur.
Thompson: "NAFTA is a long and complex document and I don't have any specific changes." Good. A well considered answer. Roughly translated as "I dunno know." I liked you on Law and Order. How did you get elected in New York with that accent?
Tancredo: "Get rid of NAFTA." If NAFTA worked so well, why are so many people still trying to sneak into the United States? Uh. That might be asking a lot of NAFTA. I mean, people still emigrated from Europe after the Marshall Plan, right? How about, did U.S. exports to Mexico increase (yes), and is per capita GDP increased in Mexico (yes). Tancredo also did a bit about sovereignty and trucks. No black helicopter references though.
Hunter: "Get rid of NAFTA." We have a trade deficit with Mexico. We used to have a trade surplus. That's bad.
As you can see, the analysis of NAFTA is really sophisticated. From the pro-NAFTA Clueless 2 to the anti-NAFTA Conspiracy Couple, the Republicans haven't a clue what they're talking about on NAFTA.

Now watch this. Keyes, McCain, Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, Paul, Hunter, and Guiliani all flub the answer. Sadly, I don't even know who the no name who tried to respond to the actual question was. Sheesh. What a collection of goofs. UPDATE: He was someone named "Tancredo," whatever that is.

All that and I didn't even mention that the frontrunner is named "Mitt." Mitt is not a name, it is a thing. President Mitt sounds almost as bad as Huckabee. Don't they sell American comfort food at Huckabees?

What a collection of fruits and nuts.

** Quotes are approximate.


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