Friday, June 08, 2007


Paris Hilton got sent back to jail today. During her court hearing she cried and mouthed to her parents more than once "I love you." She apparently yelled out "mom!" as she was led back to jail. The news story says that Paris' mother threw her arms around Paris' father and sobbed uncontrollably at this point.

Oh, Paris has surely been a joy to her parents. There is the sex tape. That had to be tough. Then there is both the drunk driving conviction, and the subsequent probation violation that got her into the current predicament. Then there are the persistant rumors that she has an STD. Of course, Paris is famous for nothing other than her infamy and her fame (sort of circular, eh?), but South Park still added to the fame flame with this episode.

Can you imagine how many times her mother has sobbed uncontrollably when thinking about her?


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