Monday, May 21, 2007


This weekend I used my new electric lawn mower for the first time. It was very satisfying. U slept (more or less) from 9:00 p.m. to about 2:30 a.m. That was amazing. I was able to get some of the cardboard boxes out of our "Sam's room" in the basement so I can see what's on all the shelves. That felt great. Then I got a haircut, which was just super. I am now officially a million years old.

The Cubs took two of three from the White Sox. That makes me happy, but I need to reiterate that I still do not consider the White Sox the Cubs' major rivals. I would say that the Cardinals are the (A)(1) rival, with the Astros following, and the Brewers gaining ground on the 'Stros. I could see the Brewer rivalry reaching a point closer to the Cardinal rivalry if the Brewers have a couple of good years, and we have more time to build it. I mean, Milwaukee is only 90 miles away, and the Packers/Bears rivalry has everyone primed. Now we need time and games.

Since you asked me about TV, have you seen Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel? Could this show be any more amazing? L finally convinced me that the shots are all real. I would have sworn that some of them were computer animated, but apparently not. This series is too amazing. They have clips here. Just remarkable. On a similar note, I know that I am very late to this game, but I really like Meerkat Manor. In fact, I could watch it all day.

U exploded out of three diapers this weekend. I am thinking about just wrapping him in trash bags when we are in the house. Is that too Britney?


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