Friday, April 27, 2007


My new 'hood is swarming with rabbits. On any given evening as I walk up the alley from the bus, I can see at least one rabbit. I have not (yet) seen a rat, but I have flushed rabbits several times and just seen them hanging around a bunch of other times. Here is one in my backyard, on the sidewalk, just staring at me.

Where did they come from? Have they outcompeted the ultimate urban warrior (the rat)? Why haven't any of the old immigrant dudes in the 'hood trapped them and made bigos out of them?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you suffering some type of mass hallucination? Snap out of it!Have the suburbs sapped you of your street smarts? Have you been assimilated into the suburban homeowner collective? "Rats? We can't possibly have rats, we live in the 'burbs." Newsflash...Those aren't rabbits, those are rats with fake rabbit ears! Look closely and you you will see the tiny string that is holding on the fake ears and nose. The puffy tail? It's velcro!

7:41 AM  

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