Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have written about my new commute a few times here, and I am just not sure why you all are so interested in it. Oh well. You asked for it.

This morning I left in time to catch the bus in time to catch the 7:37. That means at my desk at 8:15. Not too bad. The bus runs on a schedule, but I just don't bother to worry about the theoretical schedule. For God's sake, the bus is running on Chicago streets. It'll get there when it gets there.

The bus dropped me off at 7:28 (according to the LED sign on the bus), and I walked over to get a paper. I am not sure how the Tribune was sold out, but I ended up buying a Sun-Times instead. I basically buy the paper for the crossword every morning, and the Sun-Times actually has two, plus the patternless. However, the Sun-Times is a tabloid. This makes it a pain in the ass to do the crossword while commuting. But I digress.

At about 7:32 the train is rolling into the station. I am shocked and dismayed. Early? I have not seen this wrinkle yet. I run across the entrance ramp of the Kennedy, up the ramp, up the stairs and dive on to the train. I am huffing and puffing. It is not yet 7:37, but the train pulls out anyway. I am shocked. People are screwed! So much for genteel suburban commuting!

Then the guys standing in the vestibule with me start talking. One of them mentions that this train is not the 7:37, but rather, the 7:19 running late! Holy shit. I'm early! BONUS!


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