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L and I are working on baby names. It ain't so easy. We don't know the gender, so we need a few of each. I thought I would throw out a few of the names currently kicking around. Maybe people can add some insight. These are not even really finalists. Just things we are considering.

For boys, we have been thinking of Thomas and Timothy. Thomas is about the 40th most popular boys name in the United States right now, and has good saints, and saints, and saints behind it. Unfortunately, Thomas means "twin" which is not appropriate for our child (so say the ultrasounds). Timothy is about the 84th most popular boys name in the United States. Timothy is tough with the saints. While one rolled with St. Paul, all of the others I was looking at are martyrs from the fourth century. Not good stuff. On the positive side, Timothy means something like "honoring God."

For girls, with which we have struggled mightily, we have been thinking of Charlotte and Ida. Charlotte is the 135th most popular girls name in the United States. There does not appear to be a saint named Charlotte, and the meaning seems to be derived from the name "Charles" of which it appears to be a feminine pet name (in French). Thus, while it sounds nice, and has a good nickname ("Lottie") it has some impediments. Ida has fallen out of the top 1000 most popular names in the United States. This is a good thing. Apparently St. Ida is also St. Ita, who was an Irish saint. Not a bad saint, but not super either.



Blogger Annhb said...

those are nice, i really like charlotte - in the francis books there's a character named ida who is very mean. i always think it's funny when people pick out names and then they see the baby and say, o my god, that's not aidan/crispin/??????, that's our harry!

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ida is definitely a no go:
Ida what? Ida Ho? Ida One? Ida Man?
Squash that idea immediately.

Charlotte is pretty classy but be prepared for Charley, Chuck, and such. But then again Lottie is an old ladies name like Ruth or Hazel. Be prepared for such things as Lah-dee Dah-dee or Lottie What? Snottie Lottie, or Lottie Body, if she is smokin'. But then again that would be a good stage name.

Why not use such classics as Tawny Peaches or Hermione Hortense. I would love to see how many people would pronounce her name as "Her-me-own". Besides, Hermione in Harry Potter is kinda hot.

Now, Thomas is a good choice. What about St. Thomas of Aquinas? He was a pretty smart guy. Or St. Thomas of the Virgin Islands. Now that's a really awesome place to be unless you are in a hurricane.
But be prepared for such classics as T-Bone, Tommy Tu-Tone or Tommy Salami. But then again, would it be a bad thing if your kid is referred to as Tommy Salami? Especially by girls named Tawny Peaches? And Tommy Salami would be a good name if decided to join The Outfit and become a hit man.

Timothy is an O.K. name, I guess. I really can't think of anything that you could say about the name other than Tim-bo. But that really is a nickname that you use for Jim-bo. And that martyr thing isn't too encouraging. Do you really want to raise a martyr? Just think about how annoying it will be when he is in his teenaged Goth phase or he is planning on being a Tree-Hugging Green Party Geek. He will constantly complain about taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn. You'll just wind up giving him a punch in the head all the time. Then he'll be a brain-damaged martyr. And those kid of martyrs are of no use to anyone.

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