Wednesday, January 17, 2007


OK, I know that I am responsible for your musical development. I understand that. It is why I try to keep my ear to the ground. Be forewarned though. I mostly only like hip-hop, with some other stuff (see, e.g. Lily Allen). Anyway, what are kids listening to now? I don't know. Probably some crap. What's the last thing I heard that I was digging on?

The guy/concept is "Girl Talk" and the album is Night Ripper. He is a white boy from Steel City, and his mash-ups are something to behold. The album is $10 plus shipping from the record company. On it is up to $49. Seriously. Score these tunes and be hip. Download the free copy of Bounce That for a sample.

Of course, I tried to hip you before, and Lily Allen *is* pretty hip. Still, I was in a Starbuck's last Sunday (don't ask, it had to do with my pregnant wife and the Church) and they had Lily Allen piped in over the loud speaker. Suddenly Lily Allen is much less hip than she was.


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