Sunday, December 17, 2006


A dinner with the governor of Louisiana was recently auctioned off in Monroe, Louisiana for $1. In and of itself that is not crazy, since many politicians have regional bases, and perhaps Monroe was not the governor's strong region. What is crazy is that news like this may not be important throughout Louisiana, but I got the story from a British newspaper. That's crazy.

A man driving in Wisconsin hit a deer with seven legs that may also have been a hermaphrodite. Keep in mind, this seven legged deer was not a John Madden turkey creation with a bunch of legs, this was actually produced in and lived in nature. "It kind of gives you the creeps when you look at it . . . and by the way, I did eat it. It was tasty" said the man. That's crazy.

The Prague Post carried a story about some Czechs who are upset that Santa Claus has been introduced into the Czech Republic. It seems that in the Czech tradition, Christmas presents are delivered by Ježíšek, which translates as the Baby Jesus. Apparently on Christmas Eve "after a traditional meal of fried carp and potato salad, children wait anxiously in a separate room. Ježíšek magically delivers the presents, a small bell is rung to signal he's left, and the children rush in to unwrap their haul." Wait, you don't have to stay up asembling presents all night? You just send the kids to another room and tell them the Baby Jesus will ring them when the gifts are ready? That's brilliant. This tradition is out there, there are millions of Czechs in the United States, and we have not adopted this ritual? That's crazy.

Finally, the Chicago Sun-Times ran an article on the business of selling church buildings. Interesting article, etc. etc. but the best part? There is a Roman Catholic Church in Milwaukee built in 1847 has a "For Sale by Owner" sign out in front because the area around the church has, over time, become industrial and commercial and the parish wants to move to a more residential neighborhood. For sale by owner? The parish priest is trying to sell the building? It's too bad that the Catholic Church doesn't have a hierarchical structure that would allow professionals to be on staff to help ensure a good return on sales, and allow the priest to focus on being a priest. That's crazy.


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