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There is no New York Times post this week. I was on the road to, ironically, New York City on Sunday and left the paper with L. Instead, I bring a travelogue for a short, easy trip. It is funny to me that even on a one day trip there is stuff to notice and appreciate. There are also a bunch of pictures from New York on the foto side. Anyway, most of the below was done on by Blackberry in more or less real time:

About noon, Sunday

I have never blogged from an airport before. Technically I will be blogging from home, since I am just tapping this into my Blackberry. Let's not get overly technical. I am waiting to get on a flight to Newark. Newark is good to fly into and get into New York from, and Midway, ironically, is easier to get to on public trans than O'Hare, although O'Hare is much closer to my abode. So here I sit.

Anyway, two things. First it is Sunday afternoon. The flight is delayed one hour. Everyone in the waitng area is on their cell phones talking like a Saprano (we are flying into Jersey), bemoaning the brutality of a one hour delay. Who are these people? Where do they need to be Sunday evening? Can so many people in velour track suits really be that busy?

Second, what happened to people that a one hour delay causes 45 minutes of phone discussion? Good God, half of these people don't appear to have brought reading material. They can read, right?

About five (Eastern) on Sunday

And now I am on the train that goes from the airport in Newark to Penn Station in New York. I wish it were light out so I could see what was happening outside. Inside, I was walking to a seat and passed a guy sitting in a seat staring intently at a full-nude centerfold type picture of Pamela Anderson. He had it spread out on his lap and was just staring. This is not to say that you don't see that sort of behavior in the Chi, but it is always surprising to see.

Monday morning

This morning I got up extra early to walk around the neighborhood a little. I was staying across the street from Madison Square Garden, and started walking west. The little map they gave me made it look like I was walking into Chelsea. I thought "Chelsea" sounded nice. However, the neighborhood was pretty thuggish. Turns out that I was perhaps technically in "Chelsea" but really in Hell's Kitchen. Very nice. That was funny, but I got a great picture of a church for my church collection. I also came across this mixed message:

See, Christ is saying "Come to Me All of You That Labor and Are Burdened and I Will Give You Rest" while the city makes clear that you cannot come to Christ by car from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The message here? Go to Christ at night unless you take the subway.

Walking back I got to see lots of fun stuff. For instance, the rats really are bigger in New York:

This rat must have started life in a domesticated environment though, because there were lots of construction guys standing aroung this rat. Just up from the rat I learned a little Korean. In specific I now know how to write Weimann in Korean:

I think this is Korean. In retrospect I guess it could be an Ank and some squiggels. Very confusing symbols, although not as confusing as these guys in Murray Hill:

I particularly like where it says on the bottom that they were founded in 32 A.D., give or take a year or so. Still, aren't Jews for Jesus called pre-Pauline Christians?

About eight (Eastern) on Monday

I am on the plane to go home. Thankfully we are "on time" since we pushed away from the gate on time. Now we are sitting on the tarmac for two plus hours. Fantastic. Oh, and I finished my fantastic book delayed in Chicago. D'oh! Thankfully I am in 7C, and the guy in 8D is buddies with the guy in 8C. It only adds to the joy that the guy in 8D sounds EXACTLY like Steve Buscemi. Whose voice makes me want to punch him. As if life weren't perfect enough, these two guys are low level salesmen. They are headed to a sales meeting. And they are full of shit. The level of bravado about dis guy and dat guy (they *are* from Jersey) and amping each other up. Right behind me. On the positive side, once we take off we are only two hours from home. Kill me, please.


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