Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Tank Johnson likes guns. We know that because he has been twice arrested for "weapons violations." The second time was during this season, and apparently that was a violation of his "probation," which the law enforcement community seems quite fixated on. In any case, this means that he will have a "trial" and may be found "guilty" and go to "jail." All of which is scheduled for AFTER the Super Bowl. Which is very important, since Tank Johnson is a starter on the Super Bowl-bound Bears.

States often are unwilling to allow people who are scheduled to have "trials" to leave the state. This is important because of some lawyer crap called "personal jurisdiction." Otherwise something called "extradition" might become necessary. States seek to avoid this. For this reason, people scheduled to have "trials" generally have to get the permission of a judge to leave the state.

And so Tank Johnson went before Cook County Judge John Moran to ask permission to leave Illinois for the Super Bowl. This page should make it clear why Moran really probably only had one option: let Johnson go. He did, and it looks like da will of da people is being done. It's the first time I was ever glad that we elect our judges in Illinois.

P.S. Click on the trials links. They are all different and took quite a bit of google work to find.


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