Sunday, January 21, 2007


OK, I stayed up too late last night, so I got up late, missed Mass, and only got to read two sections of the paper before the Monsters' game. Thus, this will be an abbreviated report. By the way, I am very happy about the Bears, but I am concerned about them. They are an imperfect team, and Tom Brady is a machine. I am concerned that this coould be revenge for 1985. Of course, it is only halftime in the AFC game, so maybe there will be a miracle and I will say "screw the Colts."

On the front page, the Paper of Record reported on the effort to repopulate New Orleans. New Orleans had about 440,000 people before Katrina. Now it has about 199,000, they think. People are arguing about whether the smaller population is more appropriate for New Orleans's economy, and lamenting the fact that the people who are not returning are the poor and unemployed. They are also ignoring the fact that there has been a significant influx of Hispanics into New Orleans since Katrina. New Orleans will change, but the mouth of the Mississippi will always be the home of a major city.

Buried further in the front page was a story about Spanish Harlem. Turns out that Spanish Harlem is becoming the Upper Upper East Side. Even above 96th Street there are white boys paying $2800 a month for apartments. They have a bunch of stuff about the changing face of the neighborhood, and the influx of Mexicans and whites. What was different about this story than most of its ilk was this quote: “Is it a right to live here or a privilege? Is it a right to have an apartment facing Park Avenue? We cannot expect that we have a right to live where we want to live.” That is true. Neighborhoods change in healthy cities.

Finally, the Sports section had an interesting article about Barry Bonds. Apparently even in San Francisco his popularity has begun to wane. People are still pro-Barry because he still produces, but there does seem to be an undercurrent of dislike. If San Franciscans turn on Bonds, nobody will have any use for the guy.

ADDENDUM: So, the Colts pulled the miracle. And so, I say, Screw the Colts. Also, there will be no predictions here. I am unabashedly rooting for the Bears. I want them to win, and I don't really care about the analysis etc. This is about fandom.


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