Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, we spent the weekend packing, and have a closing this week and moving next week, so it is unlikely I will be blogging much until we are a little more settled. However, for your viewing pleasure I have posted three new pictures.

The pictures are of the Rockwell station on the Brown (formerly the Ravenswood) line of the 'L'. As is true on some of the older lines in Chicago, the Ravenswood runs at ground level for a mile or so, from Rockwell to Kimball. This is the first such station. The train runs through a beautiful little enclave called Ravenswood Manor. Since I was a little kid I enjoyed being on the ground-level part of the Ravenswood, as we travelled from the Kimball station into the city. Once we move this sort of trip will be a real indulgence, since the Ravenswood is nowhere near our new place.


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