Tuesday, March 13, 2007


There are two articles I saw today that made me suspect that the law of unintended consequences was, or would be, in operation. As you all know, the law of unintended consequences is all about hilarity, as long as you are not the one subject to the law's operation.

In the first article, a group of Buddhist monks has seen their temple overwhelmed by stinging ants. A little Raid might take care of the issue, except that Buddhists (at least these Buddhists) live a non-violent life, and are unwilling to kill a living creature. Of course, since Buddhists generally believe in reincarnation, there is some self-interest in this stance. Non-violence is great and all, but now what are you going to do?

In the second article, time to buy stock in rental car companies that operate in Wisconsin. This is because a state legislator in the Land of Cheese is proposing that serious sex offenders be required to have bright green license plates. See, these sex offenders often use their cars to commit crimes, so this would make their cars more conspicuous. Which would likely have the unintended consequence of causing these people to avoid using their cars, especially for criminal activity.

In other, non-newsy news, L and I are mostly moved in to our place. I do not suggest ever getting your arm pinched in a radiator cover's top. It is deeply unpleasant, although you do get a souvenier bruise. We are still unpacking and figuring out where things go, but I have successfully made it to work for over a week now, so that is a good sign. We are three weeks from L's due date, so it might be a good idea to set up a nursery. Or would that spoil the kid?

A few new pictures are on the fotoblog.


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