Sunday, April 01, 2007


Back before Darwin there were other theories of evolution. Science, and people prone to observing the world realized that animals appeared to adapt to their surroundings. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck theorized that traits were acquired by one generation, and passed on to succeeding generations. Thus, instead of being in-born, important characteristics were acquired by a generation, then encoded into the genes.

What is my example of Lamarckian evolution? I am amassing the traits of fatherhood. Presumably U will acquire them . . . well, Lamarck had some issues. Anyway, my evidence of my new traits? Yesterday I spent the morning with U. This included burping and changing him several times. I had a burp cloth slung over my shoulder. I went to Target, and to the hospital to get some blood taken off of U. The whole time I was out I felt like I had a wrinkle in my undershirt. I kept fidgeting with it. I got home and took my shirt off. I had a burp cloth under my shirt the entire day.

This is going to be a long ride.


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