Thursday, April 05, 2007


A post not about U. What are the odds? Anyway, the Chicago Sun-Times just stole a march on their archrival Chicago Tribune. While the Tribune is busy being sold to Sam Zell, the Sun-Times launched a new version.

Sun-Times p.m. is available after 4 p.m. Chi time every day. It is a pdf, 10 page paper that you print and take with you to go home. It is 8.5 x 11, so no issues with crowded trains or buses. It has a crossword and sudoku different from the morning edition, and it has very short stories updated during the day. Yesterday was the first edition, but I think I am really going to like this thing. In fact, there is no compelling reason that only Chicagoans would find this edition worthwhile. I mean, the stories are likely to be national, and the puzzles are good for anyone.

By the way, Sam Zell's purchase of the Tribune means the Cubs will be sold. Let's hope that the last ingredient the Cubs need will be in a new owner. They have had ownership that would spend money for 25 years. They have never had an individual whose self-worth was tied to winning, and who could spend money. That is not a perfect scenario (I'm looking at you overpaid, underachieving Yankees), but it is a step in the right direction. The fact is, when the Cubs are tremendously popular, sell out Wrigley every game, and otherwise maximize their revenue without winning, only a light shining inside of the owner will inspire the owner to take the next step to try and win.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it worse to be overpaid and be an underachiever or is it worse to be paid market value and achieve nothing?

"In Dusty We Busty"

7:22 AM  

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