Thursday, May 17, 2007


The Bush Administration has had some indictments, and will have some more, I bet, but it really seems to have a bigger problem with idiots than criminals. I mean, look at Paul Wolfowitz. The guy is about to lose his job at the World Bank because he is the only manager in the world who doesn't know that you don't give your girlfriend a big raise. You have someone "independent" do it. By the way, Wolfowitz was one of the geniuses who rationalized our invasion of Iraq. Puts his judgment in a new light, doesn't it.

Meanwhile yesterday we found out that John F-ing Ashcroft was the defender of civil liberties in the Administration. Worse yet, we find out that Alberto Gonzalez and Andrew Card are idiots and went to Ashcroft's hospital room while he was in the ICU to try to force him to sign off on the domestic spying program. The guy who told the story, James Comey, makes it sound like the scene in The Godfather where Michael is alone at the hospital with his dad and gets the baker to stand in front with him when the guys come to kill his father. That or a novel you'd buy at the airport. Idiots.


Blogger Annhb said...

"a novel you'd buy at the airport," that's beautiful.

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