Thursday, June 09, 2005


I am in Washington, DC today. Not my usual haunt, but also not a place with which I am wholely unfamiliar. However, I had an experience this morning that I hope to never have again.

I was staying at a hotel where the AC did not work very well. It is beastly humid in DC today and pushing 90 degrees. It is uncomfortable. I decided to head down to our Washington office early and get ready for some work I needed to do this morning. Little did I know that the entrance to the building of which *I* was aware did not open until 9 am. To add insult to injury, none of the personnel in the office were at work when I arrived at 7:45 (which is not too surprising, it was just unfortunate for me). So, now it is hot, it is 7:45, and I am outside without a place to go. As they say on TV, D'OH!

I decided to get some breakfast. Maybe a nice coffee and muffin or something. Right next to the office there is a place. It looks fine. Nothing special. I walk in. The first thing I notice is the super all-American diner black and white checkerboard everywhere. The "down home" feel is not too surprising, since we are about one-and-a-half blocks from the White House and there are lots of tourists up and down the street.

The next thing I notice is that ABBA is blaring, not playing, but blaring from the PA system. Kind of scary. Actually very scary. Then I get to the counter, where a 50ish Korean woman is cutting bagels, dancing to ABBA, and SINGING ALONG! I was stunned. I was scared. It is a testament to how badly I needed coffee, and how bereft of other options I was that I not only got a muffin and coffee there, I STAYED THERE TO HAVE THEM.

I gotta go home.


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