Sunday, May 22, 2005


Ever seen the Simpsons where Homer moves into the retirement community in Grandpa's stead? Homer likes it. Meals are nice and early. Don't have to "use your legs like a sucker" if you can get your hands on a wheel chair. Nurses roll you over to prevent bed sores. Good livin'!

Well, the Times today had a cover story about adults (all at least 29) living with their parents in retirement communities. People enjoy the classes available, the access to amenities like golf courses and clubhouses, and in some cases, the fact that there are no kids around. It all makes sense because rents in Manhattan and Boston for tiny apartments are very expensive.

Except, of course, that these kids are not living in their parent's retirement community in Manhattan or Boston. They are living in places like Plymouth, Massachusetts and Huntley, Illinois. In other words, rents in Manhattan and Boston are irrelevant, since these people are obviously willing to live far outside of the local community to live off their parents. Thus, the story suddenly seems like a story about people in their 30s who want the nice stuff their parents have worked for without putting in the work for it. In other words, moochers.

Besides, could you imagine living in your parent's retirement, gated community? I guess you don't have to worry about hooking up with anyone at a bar or anything once you tell them you can't go back to your place because your parents might wake up and the communal clubhouse closes at 11.


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