Wednesday, April 20, 2005


For the second time since I've had this blog, and author has left a comment after I mentioned their book. This time David Block, author of Baseball before We Knew It says:

"As the author of "Baseball before We Knew It," I can assure you that my book does not say that baseball originated in France. The reviewer apparently did not read the book very carefully. In fact, baseball originated in England. There is considerable evidence that a game called baseball, complete with pitching, batting, fielding and baserunning, was played in England beginning in the early 1700s."

I am glad to give Mr. Block's comment more prominent display, since it seems to me the review I commented on was not fair to his thesis. I realize that all three of my adoring readers should know what this book is really about.

As a side note, God bless google, without which there is no chance on Earth that either of the authors I have received comments from would ever have found this blog...


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