Thursday, May 12, 2005


The Encyclopedia of Chicago is now on-line. This thing is amazing. It is not the perfect, all-knowing Chicago source (that's me, but only for the North Side), but it is pretty amazing. I love the maps, but the entries are pretty interesting too.

I also was one of the people who stumbled into the phenom that is Clublife. This is a good blog written by a bouncer in New York. As is true with all blogs, I take the author's back story with a grain of salt. Still, if this guy is not a bouncer, he knows a bunch of them. I found him once by looking at a different, sucky blog that Blogger was highlighting. That day this guy linked to Clublife. I have abandoned the original, but read Clublife every day.

Finally, this Baby Name Wizard is sort of cool. Not so much for the baby names, but for the data it gives on naming trends over time. Really interesting.


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