Sunday, June 05, 2005


Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was sunny. It was 80 degrees. It was glorious. I went out to get a hair cut at about 2:00. I was listening to the Schadenfreude radio show on WBEZ. One of my cousin N's buddies is in the troupe, so I usually like to listen to them when I can. Anyway, I could see that it was clouding up a bit, but I decided to listen to the end of the show before going in.

I walked in the door at the Supercuts just as a tremendous gust of wind hit the parking lot. I remember when I was a kid, wondering where wind started and stopped. Well, this wind started right in that parking lot, and went zero to sixty in about .2 seconds. Before I made it to the counter, torrential rains began. This was not hard rain. This was sheets of water falling one stacked upon another upon another ad infinitum. The wind was still howling. I was in a one-story, strip mall Supercuts in Lakeview. No basement. No backroom to speak of. I had already planned who I would pull on top of me if the building started breaking up.

Ten minutes later it was basically over. There were downed tree limbs, there was flooding, there were Port-O-Potties tipped over, etc. but the rain was basically gone. Now it was humid and 75 instead of not humid and 80. Someone in a room without windows for 20 minutes would have come out to see the day looking exactly as it had when they went in, but with water all over and tree limbs down.


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