Sunday, June 05, 2005


I know that many people think that summer arrives with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day. Not in Lincoln Square it doesn't. Here the bookends to summer are the Maifest and the Germanfest. This weekend is Maifest. I was, unfortunately, in Washington, DC on Friday, so I missed the beginning of the fest. However, L and I made up for that omission last night.

The fests are always fun. There are people in crazy German outfits, and all kinds of events that the Germans put on for each other (there are choirs, hunt clubs, sports organizations, karneval societies, etc.) There is always one guy though, who takes the cake. We call him The Captain because he wears a captain's hat like the guy in the 1970s musical duo. He is a dancer. Three years ago he danced the night away with a chair. Last night he alternated between his beer as a partner, and the occassional 20-something who got within arm's length of him. The funny thing is, he is a very good dancer. He spins and dips, and otherwise puts on a good show when he has a partner. What makes him so great is the show he puts on without a partner.

Summer is upon us!


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