Friday, April 18, 2008


Everything is going crazy. I am not sure what the signs of the End Times are, but these have to be a good start.

First, as most of you know, a cougar was killed in Chicago this week. A 150 pound cougar. And this was not "near Chicago." This was in Chicago. Look here for the google map, and look at the street view. That is a school on the 3400 block of Hamilton (where the beast was killed). How did it get there? People think maybe it was a pet. That is a little hard to believe. It could have come all the way down from Wisconsin (where cougars have been spotted). Once it got to Wilmette (where a cougar was reported a month ago), it could follow the river all the way down to where it was killed. Crazy.

Then, last night, we had a 5.2 earthquake in southern Illinois. It rattled buildings and windows in Chicago. While there are periodic earthquakes in the area, and the New Madrid fault will eventually (probably) destroy Memphis, we don't really do 5.2 earthquakes. We expect those things here, or here. Not here.

Finally, L sent me this article. It is about the University of Chicago Law School cutting off internet access in most classrooms. This is because students are alleged to be surfing the internet more or less constantly instead of paying attention in class. Since law professors still mostly like to pretend that they utilize the Socratic method in class (most really don't, thank God), it is very problematic to have a room full of people not paying attention. Here's the old part. I went through law school. I did reasonably well. I cannot imagine a single reason in a typical class that you would need internet access. None. Therefore, I can't really understand why they turned internet access on in the first place. How does this denote chaos? Well, what I didn't mention is that I spent three years of law school doing crossword puzzles in almost every class I took. I was the poster child for paying just enough attention to stay out of trouble. And I want to deny the web to a new generation of slackers. Terrible.


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