Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It appears that New York's governor, Eliot Spitzer, got caught up in the investigation of a prostitution ring. There a few implications of this.

First, Spitzer is in political trouble, not to mention the trouble with his family. I'm guessing that Spitzer doesn't have $4 million for an eight carat purple diamond for the wife, a la Kobe. I'm also guessing that Spitzer won't be able to skate by with the alleged Charlie Sheen line about being implicated with prostitutes: "I don't pay women for sex. I pay them to leave afterwards." Of course, after he resigns he'll just become an investment banker and make millions. Sigh.

Second, it turns out that the Reno 911 episode with the prostitution sting (Jones ends up having sex with her) is truer than we thought. Said the Tribune:
According to the affidavit, federal investigators in late 2006 received information from a former prostitute who worked for the ring and managed to have an undercover agent set up dates -- costing thousands of dollars each -- with prostitutes through the Emperors Club, according to the affidavit.

After the undercover agent gathered enough evidence about crimes allegedly committed by those involved in the Emperors Club, authorities secured wiretaps beginning last October. It was a result of the taps, as well as text messages, that the investigation picked up evidence that Spitzer had been using the club's services, court records indicated.

Dates that are thousands of dollars each? Several of them? Seems like in most prostitution situations, just the agreement to have sex for money would cause an arrest. Not "several" "dates." After those several dates they started really investigating I guess.

Finally, the other interesting thing is that Spitzer is reported to have been notorious for requesting unsafe sex acts. Supposedly the prostitutes regularly turned him down, but if he thought he had trouble at home for visiting prostitutes, wait until his wife realizes she needs to get checked by her doctor because of his apparent proclivities. Oy.


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