Monday, March 10, 2008


Traditionally, people wanting to get married on short notice have headed to Las Vegas. This is because the state of Nevada has relatively liberal laws about getting a marriage license. However, you have to get to Nevada to get married in Vegas, or Reno, or your Nevada location of choice.

What do you do if you either don't want to go to Nevada, or can't go to Nevada? Well, try Montana. The New York Times has a story about the fact that Montana is the only state in the union that allows double proxy weddings. That means that neither the bride, nor the groom is actually required to be in Montana for the wedding. Of course, the spoil sports in the state legislature have required that one party to the wedding either be a Montana resident, or an active-duty member of the military.

This is kind of an interesting service. I mean, there are people scattered around the world for the military who for reasons all their own want to be married sooner, rather than later. Montana will help them out. That's probably a good thing. Interesting enough, this web page will smooth things over in Montana for you, or apparently El Salvador, and to a lesser extent, Colorado (where one party has to be present). Now the real question is, how would the military react if Montana announced they had done gay double proxy weddings?


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Does the proxy get to consumate the marriage?

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