Friday, March 07, 2008


Today in the New York Post (which is still looked upon unfavorably at WAYLA after its run in with Public Enemy) reported that Kyle "Tight Pants" Farnsworth continues to blame everyone but himself for the fact that he sucks. Turns out it was Joe Torre's fault that he has been a bust in New York, with a side of blame for Ron Guidry.

Farnsworth is a walking disaster. He has been in a few good fights. In 2003 he beat Paul Wilson down (although sadly I cannot find video of it). In 2004 he kicked an AC unit at Wrigley and sprained his knee. In 2005 he got into a brawl with the Royals and handed out another beat down (again, no video). In 2007 he almost got in a fight with Jorge Posada (his teammate) on the mound after Farnsworth threw the wrong pitch and hurt Posada. He's 28-45 lifetime, with an ERA of 4.47.

Why do teams keep trying with this guy? Well, he's 6'4" and 235. He looks like he SHOULD be able to pitch. He just can't. By the way, WAYLA hated on Tight Pants in 2003 here, 2004 here (although I was a little hopeful in 2004), and 2005 here. This is a long-standing issue.


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