Friday, February 08, 2008


I don't get a lot of comments. For the most part, the only people who read the blog are those who already know me, and they tend to just tell me their thoughts. However, every so often someone doing vanity googling stumbles on a post I've written about them. That just happened with regard to a post I put up about a family that named their kids after various Wrigley Field-associated streets. Their comment was:
yea fuck you clearly don't know shit about anything and you clearly have some internal issues that you have to deal with my "disturbing" story, a disturbing story is the story of your life just because the Dynek family is not only more successful and clearly more famous than your lame useless ass the only thing you have to stand for is your lame ass blogs and the only way maybe you could get a google search is through looking up my family. Just because your sorry waste of a life blogs online through the bashing stories of my family you can take your sorry ass and keep in mind that these are actual people you are talking, about who are not only more successful than you but obviously live more full and better lives than your bitch ass, bashing people you don't even know, have a nice fulfilling useless life.btw a real man would leave his full name jack ass.
Wow. That is angry. Since that post was from October, and the comment was left today, it is clear that these people must be looking for comments about them. Apparently it did not occur to them when they talked to the reported from the Sun-Times that people would view their naming practices as unusual, even borderline comical. Although, one wonders what they thought the Sun-Times wanted with them otherwise. In any case, I like the fact that the comment was left by "anonymous" and says that a real man would leave his full name. Indeed. Indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He did leave his full name.
It's Jack Ass.

Those poor kids are doomed to a life of mockery and embarrassment.

Their father is semi-literate and only furthers the lifelong humiliation the children must suffer through his knuckleheaded rant. Where did this guy learn to write?

Those kids are going to be a great follow up case for the next edition of "Freakonomics" and how ridiculous names can economically disadvantage a person.

I can't wait for the next response from this wonderful example of an urban redneck. When I try to picture what this guy would look like the only image that appears is William "Mullet Head" Ligue and his teenage son jumping Gamboa at The Cell.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Motown Slacker said...

It almost sounds like this isn't even the real guy whose family was the subject of your post. If someone wrote about me in their blog, I'd think it was kind of cool, no matter if it was positive or negative because either way you caught someone's attention. If you didn't mean for people to comment, why choose such a bizarre naming scheme for your kids? I'd hate to see what his reaction would be if, like me, he actually knew you! If he only knew what a playa you are, beeyatch!

8:27 PM  
Blogger ellen jo said...

Wow, the use of gratuitous profanity really makes this feller sound like a real genius, don't it?
He pretty much proves he is a total jack ass idiot with his rambling ridiculous rant.

11:43 AM  

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