Thursday, January 24, 2008


Right now my weather widget tells me that it is five outside. Notice that I wrote "five" and did not simply type the temperature. It's a bad sign when you are writing about temperature and a style guide has an entry that is directly on point. That means it is cold.

Anyway, today is the kind of day that (a) makes people "strong like bull," (b) tests patience to its limits, (c) proves that people are less likely to explode when cold than when hot, or (d) all of the above.

With regard to (a), it is not just cold. It is a little windy. If you were to stand 2.5 floors above street level waiting for a train out in the open, you would likely find it to be quite windy. The kind of wind that almost gives you an ice cream headache when you breathe through your nose. Stalingrad cold. And yet, you probably would not freeze to death right away. And therefore the cold would make you stronger. Stronger like bull! So, (a) is right.

With regard to (b), I take the METRA, rather than the el because it runs on a schedule and gets me into the Loop quicker than does the el. METRA is a little more expensive, but you pay for the different services. Thus, when the METRA is 35 minutes late and rolls in to the station looking like this, it could tend to irritate (me). That irritation was only increased when the smart-assed conductor got on as we pulled into Ogilvie and blathered about METRA bringing people together, and allowing us to interact with people, blah, blah, blah. Turns out that stuff is much funnier when you can feel your toes. So, (b) is right.

With regard to (c), I was too cold to get good and worked up. Who knew? So, (c) is right. Which makes the correct answer (d). Did you all answer (d)?

Oh, and before I forget, check out It is still in progress, but it looks like it will be the new home of U, L, and me on the web.


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