Thursday, December 20, 2007


Over the years I have posted one TV show or another. I was a fan of Bad Lad's Army. I have posted about the disaster that is Girl's Next Door. I see this as part of my role in keeping you informed.

So, E! is turning out to be my new favorite channel. First, there is Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You know that woman, Kim Kardashian, who was famous for . . . being Paris Hilton's friend, and making a sex tape with Brandi's little brother? Well, it turns out that Bruce F-ing Jenner is her stepdad, and her family is all as stupid as she is. The show is really great. Kim is famous for her sex tape, and sister Kourtney is about to be famous for sex pictures she took with a boyfriend. In one episode the FBI comes to interview the family to try to keep Kortney's pictures from being sold. As the agents arrive, the mom says, "the FBI is here. Look your best." Hard to believe that her daughters keep ending up in trouble. Oh, and Bruce Jenner is transcendant as the straight man in a family full of idiots, and he may have had significant plastic surgery since 1976.

Snoop Dogg's Father Hood is the second great show on E! It turns out that Snoop is the father of two boys and a girl. His wife (!) is actually in charge of what is a surprisingly normal hoousehold, and Snoop has a bunch of hangers-on who are hilarious. Snoop seems to basically be a kid who has grown up. The family definitely lives in a good-sized house, but it is not a mansion. Snoop hangs out in one of those sheds you buy from Home Depot and assemble in your yard. He plays a lot of video games and eats lots and lots of chicken. My favorite moment so far? Snoop gets sent to yoga because his blood pressure is high and he is afraid to have blood drawn. Predictably enough the instructor is quite hot. She has them do a position and says "this is to open your hips." Replies Snoop "I got something to open your hips." The look on the instructors face was priceless.

Of course, The Soup summarizes daytime TV for me so that I can go to work. I recommend watching it to ensure you don't fall behind on great moments from The View like this, or this on Passions. That second clip actually is from The Soup.

So, set your Tivo for E! and sit back and relax. Happy holidays.


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