Wednesday, May 31, 2006


As L can attest, the first time I saw the documentary that later became the series America's Deadliest Catch I was totally transfixed. I had absolutely no doubt that the show would be a huge hit. I have a knack for these things.

I am calling a new hit. It is Bad Lads Army on BBC America. The show is described as "yob culture comes face to face with 1950’s style National Service." No idea what that means. Apparently that's Bwitish for a bunch of criminals and slackers getting their asses kicked by a bunch of former military guys. It is pretty compelling, although as near as I can tell, half the dialog consists of guys saying "Right! Hrmph wropp pwowo! Right!" Kind of like Monty Python. Still, when the Major Henry Dodds tells the yobs "you're all going to die" in his first interaction with them, you just know the show is going somewhere good.

Of the soldier types, one has a hyphenated name ("Harry Lort-Phillips"), one is called "Julian" and another is called "Alistair." Can't go wrong with this show. Get on the bandwagon now. Plenty of good seats still available.


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