Saturday, March 15, 2008


One of the recurring themes I've heard in the Eliot Spitzer mess is that the U.S. is too "puritanical" about sex, and that prostitution ought to be decriminalized. Generally people point to the free-and-easy Dutch as an example of how it ought to be done.

Make no mistake. I strongly suspect that the Dutch have worked out a good system for them, given their history and culture. However, I just don't see it transferring to the United States. And it is not because of America's Puritan past. So many people have migrated to America who didn't have any idea what a Pilgrim was that there is no way they are all imbued with the Puritan spirit. The reason the Dutch model won't easily transfer to the U.S. is that the Dutch have more to their model than legalized pot and hookers.

This story is in German, but let me summarize. After two years of debate the Dutch decided to criminalize one act of sodomy. Sex with an animal, if the sex is either abuse of the animal, or is used to make pornography. Hear that Elsie? You are just a little safer today than you were yesterday. Moo to that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean that non-abusive, non-commercialized sex with an animal is okay? What if the animal feels slightly used or has esteem issues? Is post-coital cuddling a way to get around the no-abuse rule?

10:59 AM  

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