Monday, September 03, 2007


Professionalism is one of those concepts that people throw around too often. Nobody necessarily knows what it means, but they all say that they are exhibiting "professionalism." It is all things to all people.

Now Illinois State University's Marketing Department is taking their own shot at it. The Tribune has reported that the department has imposed a dress code on their students. The students are to dress "work casual" in class. If they don't they can lose points in class.

So, do clothes make the professional. Well, let's walk through the article. Some people hated it because they think that college students have a right to roll out of bed and go to class. Those who liked it included Senior Heather Graham (presumabely not that one) ". . . dressed in 4-inch leopard heels, [who] said it will help students prepare for their careers. 'A lot of people don't know what business casual is. This way, everyone knows certain standards, so when you go into the work force, you're prepared.'" Supporting Ms. Graham, "Senior Deandre Tillman, wearing a dress shirt and tie, said he's now more awake in class. 'You focus more, you participate more, you don't fall asleep in class,' he said. 'There is no more rolling out of bed and going to class.'"

OK. First of all, four inch heels are borderline. Leopard print is not. Ms. Graham is not dressing professionally. Perhaps she is overcoming this setback to act professionally. Mr. Tillman, a dress shirt and tie is generally not business casual. So sayeth Wikipedia, and so sayeth me. Also, the tie is fun when it is new, but five years of it and you might as well be wearing a Ronald McDonald suit for as professional as it makes you feel.

So, the long and the short of it? Let college kids be college kids. They will not ever get the chance to be collegians again. They will be able to be "professionals" for the next 50 years. Jeez. Give them a break.


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lol .. that is a great way to look at things ..I agree same with kids let kids be a kid ...
great post

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