Monday, August 27, 2007


Doonesbury has had its ups and downs over the years. Sometimes it was more relevant than others. However, the last week seems like Doonesbury at its best. The theme is "if we cut and ran" from Iraq. As we know, allies of the administration have said that terrorists would follow us back to the U.S. Doonesbury has contemplated this quite literally.

Monday Ray comes home from Iraq "prematurely." The terrorist who follows him home asks, "do you guys know a cheap motel?"

Tuesday the terrorist explains that he followed Ray to the U.S. because before Ray went home the terrorist "wasn't sure" where America was. Good reason for fighting in Iraq all this time, rather than attacking here when the troops are overseas.

Wednesday the terrorist explains why they would act apparently illogically. "You only just created us . . ."

Thursday made me laugh out loud on the train. I love the last line.

Friday explores the terrorist's quest for weapons in America. I don't know which line in the last panel is funnier, or sadder.

Saturday takes on the absurdity of the immigration policies. Skippy Jefferson may be my new pseudonym.

Finally, Sunday takes our entire military structure to task. "Emotionally we outsourced this war-- to a professional class that mainstream America has almost no contact with!" I don't know anyone in Iraq or Afghanistan, and I am not sure that I know anyone who knows anyone. I guess that makes me mainstream.

So, Doonesbury has rejoined Dilbert, Mr. Boffo, and Get Fuzzy on my must read list on the funny pages. Welcome back.


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