Thursday, August 09, 2007

  • A Chicago police officer wrote a $50 ticket and called a tow truck to remove the famed Wienermobile from Michigan Avenue in Chicago today. Only in America would the Wienermobile be as popular as it is. Only in America (o.k., maybe in Germany too) would the Wienermobile get a ticket for parking illegally. Mad props to C at work for the heads up.
  • The United States Army has released the bases under which it rejects people. Turns out that one of the few reliable ways to be rejected from the military isn't to be crazy (that didn't make the list), or a moron (that is 3% of rejections), or even to be a little criminal (9% of rejections). No, the most reliable way to be rejected is to be medically disqualified (generally for obesity, at 39% of rejections). Only in America could Ox be denied the opportunity to become a lean, mean, fighting machine (check out from 3:21).
  • Finally, only in America would people blame baseball for not cracking down on players that (may have) broken the law in pursuit of greatness. Steroids were and are illegal. If you are taking them, that is a criminal act. If being a criminal has allowed you to steal one of Hank Aaron's records from him, you are a punk. Regardless of whether baseball passed a rule against it.


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