Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Oh, the minefields of being a television personality/newsreader/reporter! How can one make it through without the occasional transgression? Two recent examples show just how frought this area is.

First, in Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently went public not only with his impending divorce, but also part of the reason for it. Meet Ms. Mirthala Salinas of Telemundo. It is not clear whether Ms. Salinas reported on the mayor while they were romantically involved. She asked to be removed from the political beat about a year ago, and was removed about 11 months ago. Of course, if that request was motivated by "feelings" for the mayor, there is no way of knowing whether her reporting had already been compromised when she made the request. Who knew it was problematic to be romantically involved with someone you are reporting on.


Meanwhile, here in the Chi, one of the "general assignment" reporters for the NBC affiliate, Amy Jacobson has herself in at least the appearance of impropriety. See, she was covering the story of a guy whose wife disappeared the day she was to evict them from their home (they were divorcing). Odd timing, right? Anyway, the woman disappeared April 30. She remains missing. Meanwhile, Ms. Jacobson is apparently on tape at the house with the husband (and others) with her kids using the pool. Who would have known that was going to be perceived poorly? Now it has cost Ms. Jacobson her job at NBC. As noted by Phil Rosenthal of the Tribune, the fact that Jacobson left so quickly kind of smells like there is more going on here, but maybe Jacobson and her people knew to try to rehabilitate her as quickly as possible. And, Anonymous, Anna Davlantes is here, where it notes that she went to my high school (a year ahead of me). Oh, and M here at work just tipped me off to this video of Anna in a wet suit. She does not hold a candle to NBC alumna Robin Meade.

By the way, Telemundo is owned by NBC, as is the Chicago NBC affiliate, which means that NBC just had a rough ethics week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That spanish chick is mas caliente. Can you put up a new link for Amy J.? Preferably one that shows her in her bathing suit. It appears that NBC is in spin control mode and has taken her picture down. It's not fair that AJ is being made a victim to bad publicity. She was obviously trying to ingratiate herself to the Stebic family. She was working an angle to get the scoop. (The real question should be why some pervert from CBS was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of little kids swimming in the pool.) It's not as if she was sleeping with the husband. Hell, she had her kids with her! Why not give her credit for taking a risk in order to break the big story while taking a nice refreshing dip in the pool? Anna Devalantes, another news hottie, (can you post her picture, too? In a bathing suit would be nice) must be thrilled that her competition is now adiosed. Maybe AJ can go to WGN and give Jackie Bange a run for her money. JB looks like she has been rode hard and hung up wet. It's time for a new face at WGN, why not AJ?

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin Meade? Seriously? Anna Devalantes is far hotter.

10:53 AM  
Blogger God Loves said...

Davlantes hotter than Meade? Are you insane!@*E#?????? Apparently you've never seen Davlantes in person. Yikes.

8:51 PM  

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