Monday, June 25, 2007


Sure, I like when the Cubs win. Like most real Cubs fans over 30, I do not consider the White Sox a major Cub rival. The Cardinals? Absolutely. That one is without question. Still, sweeping the White Sox at U.S. Cellular field is nice. The Sox scored two (2) runs in 27 innings. This is what the Mark Prior/Kerry Wood era was supposed to be like. Even the Cubs will win some games if the other team averages less than one run a game.

Meanwhile, on Sunday the New York Times carried an article about the hazards of life as a golf-course home owner. Now, I will admit that I have chipped over a home before. It really was the shortest route to the hole. Still, I assumed that the people who lived there understood the risk they bore living in a dogleg. Apparently not. Check this woman's story out:
Before buying a five-bedroom house in Maricopa, Ariz., Jenny Robertson scrutinized it, with her mother’s help, according to feng shui principles to assess its harmony with its surroundings. Mrs. Robertson, who is not a golfer, barely looked at the tee box 150 yards from her backyard.

“We did not consider the feng shui of bad golfers,” she said. “When I go outside, it’s like dodgeball out there. I wish I knew that you have to be careful where you live on a golf course.”

"I wish I knew that you have to be careful where you live on a golf course." Sure. Some people apparently buy houses on golf courses not realizing that golf was an inherently dangerous sport and that any time you are in front of a golfer hitting a ball, there is danger. Thus, if your house is ALWAYS in front of golfers, you are likely to have a house in danger. Sure.


Blogger ellen jo said...

Arizona folk are a bit loco in regards to golfing. Golfing, rolfing, new age psychobabble and feng shui. The heat gets to everyone eventually. Not sure why golf has become such an industry in the desert, other than the relentless sunshine.Takes up quite a bit of water to keep the greens green. Note: Maricopa is like the "Berwyn!" of Metro-Phoenix valley.

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