Monday, July 02, 2007


Remember Salman Rushdie? He is that writer who was under a fatwa for writing a book that more people read because of the fatwa. Slick move that fatwa. Anyway, Rushdie is definitely a guy who punches above his weight in romantical (to coin a word) terms. We know that because Sir Rushdie (as he is now known) was married to this lady. He is this dude.

Well, he was. Rushdie is coming back to the mean, as he and Ms. Lakshmi are set to divorce. Of course, she is Rushdie's fourth wife, so he could be back in the saddle relatively soon, I guess. I mean, there are plenty of women 20 years and 30 points more attractive than him to whom he has not yet been married . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Laksmi chick is pretty hot!
Did you know that she is the host of "Top Chef"? Now that she has made her mark in American Cable TV, she no longer needs her sugar daddy. Did you notice the grin on Rushdie's face. What does he know that gets him such fine ass?

12:22 PM  

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