Friday, August 31, 2007


Surprisingly, this post is not about the good (soon to be former) Senator from Idaho. I just realized that I have two racey, sex-themed posts in a row, and I need to change the mood, as they say. Anyway, it appears that culture and tradition have a lot to do with how baseball pitchers react to being charged. So, watch the clips.

See how the pitcher is perfectly content to run? And run. And run. No pride whatsoever. Just survival. Watch the next clip.

This pitcher looks a little abashed at making a break for it prematurely, but see how he was ready to run like hell right away? He had his escape route all planned. Now watch the American pitchers in the next two clips.

See how the guy hangs in and throws his glove at Alcantara? Even after the catcher gets the kick in the face? It was not manly, but at least he was still on the infield when Izzy got to him.

See how Nolan Ryan kicked Robin Ventura's ass? Forget running. He was a fortysomething grown-assed adult at that point. He wasn't running anywhere. After all, this is baseball, about which John Kruk once said, "I ain't an athelete. I'm a ball player." Ventura's lucky the catcher got there to stop Ryan from beating him any more.


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I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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