Sunday, November 05, 2006


I can't call this a New York Times post. The paper is overwhelmed with election coverage. However, I live in Illinois. No Senator is up for election here, and I live in a safe Democratic district. In fact, the race is not even listed on this "major races we're covering" from our local public radio, and the guy running against him has THIS as the sole issue on his flyer (that he hands out at the 'L' stop). The guy says that progress has been too slow. Meanwhile, and this might be a surprise, the Federal government is not actually doing the construction on the Brown line . . . In any case, the election coverage is interesting like the Bears game (which was a disaster that will not be discussed further): I am interested in each, but can't control them and am not interested in reading about them when I can just wait and see the results.

On a more uplifting note, I saw Borat yesterday. L does not like "humor" that is made by exposing people's ignorance, or otherwise mocking them. She wisely decided that Borat was not something she would enjoy. Good call. The movie is very, very funny, but you have to understand what the humor is. Watch the two trailers here. Borat is relentlessly hilarious and embarrassing, and may have been arrested at least three times filming the movie.

I also bought a new Timex and a new video game. Good stuff.


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