Friday, October 27, 2006


I have posted spam I received before on this page, but generally I try to reserve that kind of post for the very special times when a spam really nails the truth (however inadvertantly). I just received one that qualifies:
We’re glad to propose a new offer you just won’t never reject. It is worthy occasion to earnmoney without the risk of losing them. No doubt, it’s a stable bargain.

We do have thoroughly verified message according to the new boom on the market tomorrow. We anticipate remarkable news gonna be ventilated on Friday, they will tear you to pieces! The reason is in (WBRS . PK) that is rapidly starting up but you can still take a position to dig in and benefit from it. The price will pick you up to the heaven, join it now while its low and be the king. You outta remember that such a chance doesn’t last long.

Forget about your old failure (if this has ever been); show what you are able to do now! Once you decide to put your money in, you will notice earning greenbucks with (W B R S) is such a pleasant and easy work with no need to be worried on it.
An offer I "just won't never reject" is as true as anything I have ever seen in an e-mail. In addition, I think use of "gonna be ventilated" is a nice cautionary tale about the combined use of familiar speech with a bad dictionary when writing. Finally, I have always noticed my "earning greenbucks" but I have not generally found that experience to be "pleasant and easy . . . with no need to be worried." Of course, violating the cardinal rule of spamming, the e-mail has no links, and no way to contact anyone so I can earn my greenbacks.


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