Friday, June 30, 2006


This is the best e-mail I have gotten in a while. At least since the Kerry Wood e-mail buddy F sent me from DC yesterday.

From: Laurent BOITARD []
Subject: You step closer to the toilet, we fix it

There are minute of life when you are not fully buoyant in yourself. This can happened because of many many possible reasons work pressure, body fatigue, bad mood or just a bad climate. And the nastiest case is when you can not appease the your fiancée. This is when we come to help you and restore your sensual well-being and your manhood confidence in our online shop

A green square will help your diminutive john-doe because a real JOHNDOE making your significant other yelp from a pleasure.

Easy to use with intact price (up to 30% deduction comparing with similar crop). Shipped in understated box with 1 day sending.

I can't even look at it without smiling. From the "diminutive john-doe" making someone "yelp" with pleasure to having a "fiancée" this e-mail is perfectly targeted to getting me to order on-line from you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way to poerly close that em-ail is with a hearty and sincere "Me love you long time!!!"

9:04 AM  

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