Tuesday, June 20, 2006


This morning on my way to the el I decided to stop at the farmers' market next to the el stop. I always regret the fact that they are there in summer on Tuesdays from 7-1, which makes it effectively impossible for me to actually utilize most of the fresh vegetables, etc. they offer. Nevertheless, I took a stroll through this morning.

I came across a stand selling, among other things, granola. One flavor they offered was cherry vanilla bean. I was intrigued. Then I remembered that I was on my way to have Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, and that I didn't actually want that. I bought a bag of the granola. The guy who sold it had just enough character to be funny, but not a pain in the ass (he kept calling me Senator, which I think is hilarious), and it was clear that I was supporting a small local business. The granola was really outstanding, with great dried cherries that give it a super kick. Great breakfast and lunch so far today.

I was so taken with the granola that I actually looked at the label. It turned out that they have a web page. First, they have a woman names Siobhan making scones. Granted that Siobhan is an Irish name and scones are generally considered to be Scots, but I figure better the wrong kind of Gaelic person than no Gaelic person, right? I did not try anything else but the granola, which at $9 a pound is apparently a decent deal, but check the peanut butter. "If you need organic, no taste, no fun peanut butter you'll have to grind your own." Nice.

Also, their coffees look interesting, although I have very basic economic and social questions about the "Fair Trade" movement. Not the least of which is, aren't you just incentivizing just-above-subsistence farming? If that life is so great, why don't you go lead it? I mean, if it is good enough for a Salvadoran peasant it ought to be good enough for an American "activist" right? I think lots of people emigrated to America to avoid having to live as "Fair Trade" farmers in Europe...


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