Sunday, June 04, 2006


L's dad is (or was) in Romania for work. He spoke to L's mom on the phone and she sent an update e-mail to L. It was pretty interesting, until I got to a couple of key sentences. First, she said "the driving is worse than Chicago and DC -- it seems everybody has a tiny car and there are no distinct rules." I will freely admit that folks in DC can't drive, but how did we in the Chi get dragged into this?

Later she says "he said he was getting used to the way the drivers pull in and around each other and squeeze into tiny spaces to pass each other. He said they all drove like [WAYLA]." Wha!?! Besmirching my driving? Where did this come from? Sure, sometimes when they have visited we needed to get places quickly, but I always, always drive responsibly. I mean, most of the time.


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