Sunday, June 11, 2006


There are a number of interesting things in today's New York Times. First, and most importantly, L and I confirmed today that we jointly, completely, properly completed last week's Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. First time. Complete. Every letter right.

Second, apparently there is a ringtone circulating among people younger than me. It is very high pitched. Apparently as people get older they become less able to hear the tone. Thus, it is a perfect ringtone for young people when they are not allowed to have cell phones on. The Times has an mp3 here. I would not so much say that I hear it as much as I feel an irritation in my ears when I play the mp3. Interesting. Clever. Annoying.

Third, the Times reports on businesses making hiring decisions based on people's web profiles. Myspace, Xanga, Facebook, etc. I hope I don't get fired for my blog.

Finally, the wonderful, excellent, fantastic column Keeping Score in the sports section had an article on an odd statistic in baseball. The statistic is reaching base on an error. I actually had not realized that OBP did not include reaching by error. Seems like it would be a good fast guy statistic, and it is. However, it turns out that slow guys who hit lots of ground balls to the left side and do not strike out (think Jason Kendall, Joe Girardi, Bob Horner) do very well in this category. Who knew? Why isn't this stat counted in OBP?

And that's today's paper.


Blogger Larry F. said...

I am today, as verified by scientific experimentation, OLD. I hear nothing even though my MP3 software clearly believes it is playing something.

Of course, this could be a hoax by Gen X & Y perpetrated on the old fogies. Sort of like "The young emperor has a new ringtone."

11:46 AM  

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