Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A couple of things. First, last Sunday's New York Times was brutal. Nothing blogworthy in the entire thing. How can that be?

Second, with regard to the Bears last night, I committed the ultimate sin. I went to bed once the Cardinals appeared to go up 29-10 in the fourth quarter. At 23-10, I understood that the Bears were only two scores from a win. When it looked like 29-10, that was that. I went to bed. However, even from the news reports here made clear that the Bears had no business winning that game. Of course, notwithstanding Dennis Green's meltdown, at the end of the day the Bears are 6-0, the Cardinals are 1-5. If the Cardinals did not suck, they would not have lost. Both of the first half field goals Rackers (UI grad) had should have been touchdowns. Had either have been converted for a touchdown, the Cardinals would have won. In any case, that was not the performance of a Super Bowl team. Let's hope the Bears get their heads out of their collective asses.

Third, the Cubs hired Lou Pinella. ESPN reports that Pinella wants A-Rod on the Cubs. Indeed. Good thinking, Lou. ANyone else we should pursue. This video is bad quality, but get used to this at Wrigley Field. Pinella is a hothead and a bit of a lunatic. If he is counting on bringing A-Rod in (plus Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee, per the Sun-Times), this may end in frustration and loathing. Maybe Pinella will be what the Cubs need. I have grave concerns though.


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